Now is the time to plan, for the world you want to see for our future generations

In construction there is a lot of waste, a lot of carbon produced and a general lethargy in adapting to environmental change.  At Arguson we are contributing to change by:

  • Actively seeking involvement and participation in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives with our clients
  • Moving to a paperless and more technology-based system, with the use of software and online drawings
  • Ensuring that our Corporate standards confirm to environmental best practices wherever possible
  • Being a driver for change in building operations, functionality and exploring best practice in design and engineering
  • Introducing and promoting Energy conservation measurement, carbon reduction strategies and renewable energy alternatives to our clients
  • Actively promoting Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), with the intent to assess the most intensive material categories and embodied carbon impacts and propose alternative reduction measures

Arguson can boast that they have worked with our clients to achieve “over $6 million in cumulative energy savings since 2016”.


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