Why Arguson?

Commitment is showing up, following up and getting it done

As a company we use the following core values to drive our overall success and corporate philosophy:

Building Quality

From inception to completion, quality is at the forefront of our minds.  We acknowledge that each project presents a unique set of criteria and associated challenges, and make every effort to ensure that all aspects of a project are valued and implemented successfully, and the result is one to be proud of.

Building Integrity

Honesty and integrity are key ingredients in developing trust.  Trust is a key element in establishing credibility.  Our credibility is at the centre of our ability to fulfil the promises that we make.

Building Innovation

We continually strive for new and innovative ways to do business, and grow as an organization. We are committed to developing and implementing more effective processes, services, technologies and partnerships to provide added value and project efficiencies.

Building Relationships

Our business is based on the philosophy that strong relationships are the key to success.  Our honesty and transparency have helped to secure many longstanding clients.  With every new project comes the opportunity to foster those existing connections, and give rise to new ones.

Building Commitment

Commitment is a quality often best seen in the behaviours that surround it.  We are dedicated to our employees and external partners, maintaining a safe, diverse and inclusive working environment and a strong safety culture.  Commitment is showing up, following up and getting it done.

Building Excellence

As a company we strive for excellence, providing our employees and external partners with an environment where they can realize their full potential.  Through mentorship and a team-based approach, we work collectively toward the success of each project.

Building Success

Success is largely a function of how we approach ourselves, our relationships and our work.  Taking positive and negative experiences, analyzing and learning from them helps define our learning, development and progress as a team.  Project by Project, action by action we use those shared experiences to drive success.


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