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Advisory and Planning Services

With our many years of experience, multi-faceted skillsets and network of resources, we always want and encourage our clients to ask us questions.  That question could be something as simple as an anticipated timeline, or it could be as intensive as reviewing lease verbiage, providing space plans, conceptual design and high-level budgeting.  

Some of the services we provide, include: pre-construction reports and due diligence, space planning and conceptual design, lease reviews, owner’s representative services, capital and cost planning.


Proper Planning and Preparation, Prevents Poor Performance, or the 6P rule is the perfect analogy for how we approach pre-construction services.

Proper pre-construction really defines the overall success of the project and if you get it right, expectations are managed, risks are mitigated and there is a seamless transition into the construction phase of the project.  Get it wrong and inevitably timelines are impacted and reactive decisions are often costly.

How do we set the project up for success?  We ask questions, lots of questions, produce accurate comprehensive budgets & estimates, cost and cash flow planning, design assist, constructability reviews, risk management, developing scopes of work and work packages, value engineering, contract and legal solutions, transparency and accountability.


From a historical perspective Design-Build has been called the “Master-Builder” approach and by definition, it’s a single point of responsibility for the execution of your project.  

In this project delivery method, we would act as the lead on the project and would put together a project and design team that would work with you to execute your vision.

The benefits to a client are various given that the design–build team is accountable for cost, schedule performance and quality, under a single umbrella.  It gives a client the opportunity to focus on the project and have one point of contact, rather than having to manage many disparate contracts.  Or alternatively a client can sit back, relax and we’ll give them the keys once we are done!

Construction Management

Successful completion of Construction Management projects requires the right people, the right approach and the right systems.  To fully optimize the Construction Management experience, we highly recommend that we are involved from day one of the project.  Pre-Construction services ensure that the project team are involved from the beginning of the project, can set expectations, manage the budgets provide constructability feedback and provide full transparency to a client.  

Construction Management is generally more flexible as scopes can be developed in advance, risks established and mitigated and contract awards can be phased, so that a project can move forward while additional details, or drawings are being finalized in the background.

General Contracting

Traditionally General Contracting is when a project is awarded based on a stipulated (fixed) sum tender undertaken after the design and specifications have already been developed by the consultant team.

Once the contract is established our mandate is to work with our clients and advise and protect their interests throughout the process.  To us, each new project presents an opportunity to forge a new relationship, or build upon an existing one. Therefore, in terms of financial accountability, safety and project leadership we treat all projects like they are our own.

Energy and Sustainability

Arguson Projects Inc. is acutely aware of the importance of Environmental and Sustainability initiatives from both a social responsibility and client focussed point of view.  Our team and external Partners can successfully manage all facets of your Energy and Sustainability projects.

We have experience with various energy incentive programs, Municipal, Provincial and Federal funding schemes, utility tracking, building automation, EV charging stations, energy storage and the design and execution of building upgrades/conversions, to realize long term energy savings and reductions in carbon footprint

Our team can review projects with a critical eye to understand the product feasibility, energy modeling, constructability, projected savings, return on investment and simple payback.

Facilities Management and Services

Arguson Projects Inc. has an inhouse Project Team dedicated to ensuring your building assets are performing to their optimal potential.  The team is responsible for the implementation and management of Capital plans, Repairs and Maintenance and everything in between.  

Our team and our external Partners have the ability to perform building reviews and inspections, establish usable lifespans and obsolescence, undertake long term capital planning and cash flow projections, engineering, design solutions and undertake Project Management and implementation.

Services that our team provides, include:  Mechanical and Electrical upgrades, including major plant and equipment replacement, building automation, building envelope, building and parking garage restoration, civils and exterior works, general repairs & maintenance


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